Wherever You Will Go: The Calling is Reunited At Last!

Wherever You Will Go: The Calling is Reunited At Last!

The band The Calling disbanded 8 years ago in 2005. There have finally reunited at last and this song remains to be one of their most iconic songs ever. I first heard this song in 2007, but it was released in 2001. The Calling’s album Camino Palmero remains to be their best album that they have released as their 2004 album, II, could not match up to its success.  Following The Calling’s reunion, lead singer Alex Band was tragically kidnapped in a town in Michigan and beaten up by two thugs. The thugs would later release Alex Band due to him having a child on the way. Nobody has been caught or charged yet with this crime. Some people think it was a conspiracy to gain popularity due to a lack of evidence. This song brings back a lot of memories for me. I performed this song in front of the entire senior graduating class of Soddy Daisy High School in 2010, and would go on to sing it at a choir concert later that month. One thing is for sure this song will never die!  

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