My First Ever NFL Mock Draft

Yes, this will be my first ever NFL mock draft, I have been looking at a different variety of mock drafts for this year’s NFL draft and have decided to try to make my very own. Most of my picks will be for the first round, but I will try to include  a few of the other rounds as well throughout the week. Of course this being my first mock draft, I am sure it will be turning some heads leading up to Thursday.

  1. Tampa Bay Bucs-Jameis Winston, QB, FL State: Tampa definitely needs a franchise QB, so they could be looking to stay in state and use their first pick on the former Heisman winner from Florida State.
  2. Tennessee Titans-Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon: If the Titans do not trade for Philip Rivers, expect them to nab Mariota at number two. If the trade goes through, however, expect San Diego to trade up to nab him.
  3. Jacksonville Jags-Leonard Williams, DT/DE, USC: Jacksonville needs another pass rusher on defense, so expect them to steal Williams off the board.
  4. Oakland Raiders-Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama: I heard my brother say something from a source (which is currently unknown to me) that Reggie McKenzie said that Amari Cooper would be wearing black and silver next year. I say expect the Raiders to draft Cooper so that Derek Carr has a new target to throw to.
  5. Washington Redskins-Dante Fowler.Jr, DE/LB, Florida: With the departure of Brian Orakpo, the Redskins should be looking to replace him with this young pass rusher.
  6. NY Jets-Bud Dupree, LB, KY: The Jets will probably be looking for a pass rusher to match Todd Bowles’ defensive scheme.
  7. Chicago Bears-Kevin White, WR, West Virginia: With the trade of Brandon Marshall, I’d say look out for the Bears to draft another WR to replace him.
  8. Atlanta Falcons-Vic Beasley, LB, Clemson: Other than a RB, Atlanta needs some pass rushers, so expect them to nab him if he’s still on the board. *side note: In an interview I have previously seen, I heard Vic say that he’s always wanted to play for Atlanta, so expect them to take note of that.
  9. NY Giants-Brandon Scherff, OT, Iowa:One of the key things the Giants need is some pass protection for Eli Manning. I’d say watch for the Giants to select an OL with their first pick if Scherff still isn’t on the board. side note: I am a TN fan and went to the Taxslayer Bowl and saw Scherff in action. He’s a really good OL prospect in my view.
  10. St. Louis Rams-Aundrus Peat, OT, Stanford: The Rams need some pass protection as well as a receiver, so if White and Cooper are not on the board, expect the Rams to go after an OL.
  11. Minnesota Vikings-Devante Parker, WR, Louisville: What would be a real treat for Teddy Bridgewater? Give him a target that he’s definitely familiar with. Another possibility here is that the Vikings go for a CB.
  12. Cleveland Browns-Danny Shelton, DT, Washington: Cleveland could be looking to add more to their pass rush, so expect their first pick of the round to be a DL.
  13. New Orleans Saints-Shayne Ray, LB, Missouri: Shayne Ray was definitely the beast in the SEC this past season, so look for the Saints to draft him to help beef up their pass rush.
  14. Miami Dolphins-Trae Waynes- CB, Michigan State: With Courtland Finnegan being cut in the off-season, the Dolphins should be looking to replace him.
  15. San Francisco 49ers-Kevin Johnson, CB, Wake Forest: with the departure of two of their CB’s in the off-season, expect the 49ers to go in and grab a CB in the first round.
  16. Houston Texans-Breshad Perriman, WR, UCF: With Andre Johnson gone to the Colts, the Texans should be looking to fill the void at WR.
  17. San Diego Chargers-Erek Flowers, OT, Miami: If the Chargers don’t trade Philip Rivers to the Titans, expect the Chargers to try to get another pass blocker to protect Rivers’ blind side.
  18. Kansas City Chiefs- La’el Collins, OG/C, LSU: Only 6 other teams surrendered more sacks than the Chiefs, but look for them to take an OL to protect Alex Smith’s blind side.
  19. Cleveland Browns (from Buffalo)-D.J. Humphires, OT/G, Florida: To further fortify their O-line, look for the Browns to draft an OL that they can use in the long run as a replacement for Mitchell Schwartz.
  20. Philadelphia Eagles-Byron Jones, CB, UConn: If Chip Kelly doesn’t decide to trade up to get Marcus Mariota, look for him to select a CB in the first round to help out his secondary.
  21. Cincinnati Bengals-Shaq Thompson, LB, Washington: It’s simple: the Bengals need some help with their pass rush: look for the Bengals to draft a LB to help fortify their pass rush.
  22. Pittsburgh Steelers-Marcus Peters, CB, Washington: Though he might have had his off the field issues, the Steelers could focus on drafting him as a need for the CB position.
  23. Detroit Lions-Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin:With the release of Reggie Bush in this past offseason, expect Detroit to fill the void at RB with this ground threat.
  24. Arizona Cardinals-Cameron Erving, C, Florida State; After releasing one of their starting centers, look for the Cards to fill the void at C position.
  25. Carolina Panthers-Jake Fisher, OT, Oregon: With the Panthers needing help on the O-Line, look for the Panthers to draft an OL in the first round.
  26. Baltimore Ravens-Arik Armstead, DE, Oregon: With the Ravens sending Haloti Ngata to the Lions, they’ll definitely need to fill the void at DL.
  27. Dallas Cowboys-Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia: Look for the Cowboys to go after a RB to replace the void at RB after DeMarco Murray left.
  28. Denver Broncos -Cedric Ogbuehi, OT, TX A&M: Without a doubt, the Bronco’s O-Line has been going through a lot this off-season. Look for the Broncos to draft an OL to help protect QB Peyton Manning’s blind side.
  29. Indianapolis Colts-T.J. Humphries, OT, Pittsburgh: With problems with the O-Line, look for the Colts to nab an OL to help protect QB Andrew Luck from the pass rush.
  30. Greenbay Packers-Jalen Collins, CB, LSU: With the loss of 2 DB’s in free agency, look for the Packers to gun for a CB to try to fill at least one of those voids.
  31. New Orleans Saints (from Seattle)-Malcom Brown, DT, Texas: If New Orleans wants to beef up their pass rush, it only makes sense to draft a DL.
  32. New England Patriots-Eddie Goldman, DT, Florida State: With the loss of Vince Wilfork, it only makes sense to try to fill the gap left at DT.

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