The Draft Is Over: UFA Signings After the Draft

The 2015 NFL draft is finally over; 256 players had their names called, however, there are a lot more who will be left on the market as Undrafted Free Agents. This is a list of UFA’s who I think will be picked up by NFL teams:

Shane Carden, QB, ECU: The Chicago Bears signed Carden, but one will wonder if he’ll survive and make the roster?

Bryan Bennett, QB, SE Louisiana: Sure enough, he was signed by the Colts.

Brandon Bridge, QB, South Alabama: Sadly, Bridge failed to sign with an NFL team and was just selected about 2 weeks or so ago in the 2015 CFL Draft. Bridge is a Canadian and finally gets to play football again, but this time at home.

Cody Prewitt, S, Ole Miss:  Cody signed with the Titans.

Cody Fajardo, QB, Nevada: Cody signed with the Raiders and one only wonders if he’ll make an impact? Will he be a good backup for Derek Carr?

Taylor Heinike, QB, Old Dominion: If Taylor had been taken in the draft, he would have been Old Dominion’s first pick ever. Taylor signed with the Minnesota Vikings.

Dylan Thompson, QB, South Carolina: Dylan signed with the 49ers.

Bryan Williams, QB, Miami: Cincinnati signed Bryan and one can only wonder what kind of impact he’ll make with the Bengals?

Tyler Murphy, QB, Boston College: The last notable Boston College QB I can recall to make a big impact is Matt Ryan, but Tyler Murphy has a chance to shine now as he signed with Pittsburgh. Will he have the same impact as Matt Ryan and will he be the next backup to “Big Ben”?

Wes Saxton, TE, South Alabama: Saxton was signed by the Jets.

The record for most signings of the day goes to the Chargers as they managed to sign 22 rookies; here are just a few of the names signed by them:

QB Cole Stoudt, Clemson

RB Zach Zener, South Dakota State

LB Curtis Grant, Ohio State

LB/FB Ryan Mueller, Kansas State

G Ben Beckworth, Mississippi State

TE Brian Parker, Albany

T Cameron Clemens, Western KY

RB Dremious Smith, West Virginia

Nate Boyer, LS, Texas: Yes, I was rooting for this guy to get Mr. Irrelevant because of he’d get rewarded, but that didn’t happen. Seattle gladly signed this former Iraqi/Afghanistan war veteran after he wasn’t taken in the late rounds. Nate said that it was his dream to play professional football and his dream just came true. I totally salute the Seahawks for signing him. Congrats, Nate!

Well, this was a list of just a few UFA signings after the draft, but I will try to do a follow up later. Happy reading!

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