Has a Needle Finally Deflated the Verdict in “Deflategate”?

After a long 103 day investigation into the case, investigators have finally  found that it is “More probable than not” that the Patriots violated the rules. Attorney Ted Wells has released a 243 page report on New England’s use of deflated balls in the AFC Championship game. In his report, Wells goes on to say that “We have concluded that it is more probable than not that Tom Brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities of [the locker room attendants] involving the release of air from Patriots’ game balls.” Those believed to be involved in the scandal are believed to be Patriot’s QB Tom Brady, equipment manager John Jastremeski and Pats locker room attendant Jim McNally. In his report, Wells  would later go on to say, “…When people began to get suspicious about the balls, the locker room guys began communicating with Brady by phone and text messages with ‘significantly increased frequency.'” Investigators also say that the men who deflated the balls “received valuable autographed items from Tom Brady a week before the AFC Championship game.” According to Adam Schefter, the NFL is considering disciplining McNally and Jastremeski. Also according to Wells, Belichick and Robert Kraft were not involved in Deflategate. Kraft also made a statement earlier today: “To say we are disappointed in its findings, which do not include any incontrovertible or hard evidence of deliberate deflation of Footballs at the AFC Championship game, would be a gross understatement”; he also added “We will accept the findings  of the report and take the appropriate action based on those findings as well as any discipline levied by the league.” The league should have a disciplinary hearing shortly shall it be decided what will happen to to McNally and Jastremeski. One could wonder if there will be a punishment for Tom Brady? Sources say he could face a fine and a several game suspension.According to Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban, the Patriots could face a $1,000,000 fine.

*Authors note* If anybody can recall, back in January Tom Brady denied that he had any involvement in Deflategate.

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