Jim Harbaugh and Staff Face 4 NCAA Recruiting Violations

Before Jim Harbaugh can coach a game at his alma mater, he faces 4 minor recruiting violations. It is reported that of the 4 violations, Harbaugh is reported of receiving 2 of them. The violations are classified as secondary/level III which means that the NCAA doesn’t normally take part in dealing with them; instead, the University of Michigan will handle it through the school’s compliance department and educate the coach and his staff. In one of the violations, Harboaugh and 2 of his staff let a recruit sit with them in premium seating at a hockey game. Next, Harbaugh donated a signed jersey and helmet to a school auction without it being reviewed. In another violation, a coach spoke publicly about an incoming transfer. And the last violation involved sending impermissible recruiting materials to a recruit electronically. After a disappointing season with the 49ers, Harbaugh signed a 7yr, up to $38.1 Million contract with Michigan.

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