Breaking: Washington Redskins Rookie QB Retires???

Former Washington State standout QB Connor Halliday has retired on the eve of minicamp according to one source. When the Redskin’s rookie minicamp got underway on Friday, Halliday was absent and not on the roster; one source speculates that Halliday had retired way before his NFL career could fully begin. If anyone can recall, the Redskins decided not to use a pick in this year’s draft on a QB and signed the rookie QB as an undrafted free agent. Why he retired, that doesn’t remain a mystery; according to this Sports Illustrated article, “He lost his love for the game.” In his prolific career at Washington State, Halliday operated mainly out of the Shotgun formation and threw for 11,304 yards with 90 TD’s in 35 games, and also had 50 career INT’s. Because of a broken fibula and tibia he suffered when his knee got caught under USC’s DL Leonard Williams and ended his college season, teams passed over him in the draft. Due to his injury, Halliday was not able to be in the NFL scouting combine or take part in Washington State’s Pro day. Even with his absence, Washington has invited 2 other QB’s to its rookie minicamp: Huston Mason, former Georgia QB and USC walk on QB Anthony Neyer, who was mainly used for “mop up” duty. The Redskins already have 3 QB’s on the main roster: Robert Griffin III, Colt McCoy, and Kirk Cousins. If he hadn’t retired, one can only imagine the career Halliday could’ve had? We could probably bet that ¬†Halliday’s career would’ve been better than Washington State’s biggest QB bust ever, Ryan Leaf…

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