Tennesse’s Coach Jones Goes Crazy Over Hearing Song During Practice

Just one of the things Tennessee Fans can appreciate about Butch Jones for….his Tennessee pride. During  the  Vols first spring practice, Jones heard the opening chords of “Sweet Home Alabama” and went berserk: “Why would we have that playing at Tennessee? Do you think you go to Alabama and they sing Rocky Top? Where’s that music coming from?” Jones sent fellow VFL to investigate where the music was coming from…only to find out it was being blared over the speakers of the baseball field for a charity event. After some digging, the perp had finally been found (his identity isn’t revealed) and said that the charity needed some music, so he found an ipod and set it on shuffle. Bada bing, bada boom. Case closed. Jones even thought that it was the frat houses at one time. As the author of the Saturday Down South article said, “The video is priceless.” *Authors Note* I have been trying to watch the video again, but Vimeo wants you to sign in to see it…even on the other sites I went to, so if you have a Vimeo account, you should be good.

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