Breaking: Kobe Bryant Says Next Season Will Be His Last

Two things will be ending in L.A. next year; American Idol’s 15th season will be its last and Kobe Bryant will end his final season in the NBA…this according to Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak: “He has indicated to me this is it,” he said on NBA Radio on Sirius XM. He goes on to say, “He’s on the last year of a deal. There have been no discussions about anything going forward. I don’t think there will be. A year from now, if there’s something different to discuss, then it will be discussed.” Kobe will be 37 in August and is scheduled to make $25 million next season after wrapping up a 2 year $48.5 million extension. Bryant has had a HOF career in 19 seasons winning 5 championships, 2 Olympic games gold medals, was a two time scoring champion, and a 17 time all star. Bryant will be in his 20th season next season. After a torn rotator cuff required season-ending surgery, the Lakers went 21-61, but do have the 2nd overall pick in the NBA draft in June. The question now is will the Lakers look to find a replacement for Bryant in this year’s draft or wait it out do it in next year’s draft? I’m sure I can speak for all of the L.A. Laker fans out there when I say, Thank you Kobe!

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