Peyton Manning Helping Out Families Affected by Chattanooga Shooting

Normally I wouldn’t start out with a narrative, but this time I making it an exception. Never in my life would I thought I’d ever see Chattanooga on national TV for something such as gruesome as an idiot shooting and killing 5 Military officers and wounding a policeman. I can remember seeing an alert on Chatt State’s Facebook page about a shooting in the area had put the school on lockdown. Never in my right mind would I have thought it was at the Naval Center where I used to get my own Military I.D. renewed. 4 brave men lost their lives at that center and my dad had a friend who worked there, but luckily it was his off day and was not killed or injured in the shooting. Never did I know that a tragedy like this would happen in my town, and to have someone start a foundation to the families affected is pretty awesome! Peyton Manning announced, Thursday, that he would be starting the Chattanooga Heroes Fund; the fund offers financial support to families of those who lost a loved one or wounded in the tragedy. For more information on this story, visit the link to 24/7 sports. Manning did visit Chattanooga after the tragedy. The last thing I want to say is #ChattanoogaStrong. You can attack our city, you can attack our recruiting centers, but you WILL NOT BRING US DOWN!

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