Richardson Cut by Raiders: Worst Running Back of All Time?

Trent Richardson was recently released by the Oakland Raiders, which leaves fans wondering if he’s the worst RB ever? Let’s take a look at Richardson’s stats for a moment. Had a heck of a career with Alabama…check, was drafted No.3 overall in the 2012 NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns…check…has had a HOF career in the NFL…not really. With the Browns, Richardson played in 17 total games…in 2 seasons…and with the Indi Colts, Richardson played 29 total games…not so bad. In his career in Oakland…cut to make room for the 75-man roster, but not before leaving with $600,000 he had in guaranteed money. Richardson looked to be promising after his rookie debut season, finishing with 950 yards rushing, with 11 rushing scores, but had only a long rush of 32 yards; he also caught 51 receptions for 367 yards and 1 TD. Cleveland eventually had enough of him during the 2013 season and traded him to Indi for a 1st round draft pick in the 2014 draft. With Indi, Richardson rushed for a total of 977 yards and caught 55 passes for 494 yards with 1 TD. In his total rushing career, Richardson only has a few yards over 2000, but averaged 3.3 yards a carry in his career. Is Richardson a bust? Yahoo! Sports talks about it in this article. In that same article, it states that current ESPN analyst and former NFL S Ryan Clark called Richardson “The Worst NFL Running back of all time.” While he may not have lived up to his first round status, there have been worse backs than Richardson.

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