KC’s 2-0 Stat Goes Fumbling Away

The Chiefs faced off in a matchup with the Denver Broncos tonight at Arrowhead Stadium, and it didn’t end with a bang… KC started off with a 78 yard drive that ended with RB Jamal Charles scoring a TD on a 34 yard run; on the next drive, KC took a 14-0 lead after KC DB Marcus Peters intercepted a pass by Peyton Manning and took it 55 yards for the score. The Broncos would soon get back in the game after a 16 yard pass from Manning to his favorite 3rd down receiver, Emmanuel Sanders. After a fumble by Jamal Charles, Manning found TE Virgil Green in the back of the end zone for a 1 yard TD. At the half, the game was tied at 14 even. During the 3rd quarter, KC took an eventual lead after K Cairo Santos kicked a 35 yard field goal; the Broncos would also capitalize on a 54 yard field goal by K Brandon McManus. Tied at 17, the Chiefs took the lead late in the 4th quarter (with 2:27 to go) after RB Knile Davis found the end zone off an 8 yard carry. It’s 24-17 KC with under 2:30 left. Can the Broncos make a comeback and maybe force the game into OT? Peyton Manning and crew went to work at the 20 yard line. After throwing multiple incomplete passes and converting on 3rd down’s and multiple pass interferences not called or upheld, Manning found his favorite target on 3rd down (yes, Emmanuel Sanders) for 19 yards and a TD with 36 seconds left in regulation. The game is tied again. The Chiefs get the ball back in the hopes of scoring and not going to OT. What happens again? Jamal Charles loses the ball again, which is picked up by Broncos CB Bradley Roby, and returned 21 yards for a TD. When asked about the fumble return for a TD, Roby Said,  “God was on my side; I was lucky!”. Sadly for KC, Peyton Manning picked up his 9th straight win over the Cheifs, and the Broncos are 13-0 on the road. For Jamal Charles, it is the second time in his career (since a 2012 game vs San Diego) that he has had 2 fumbles in one game (according to ESPN.go.com). And with that, KC’s 2-0 start went rolling away…

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