Shocking Football Headlines of the Week

What is in the water this week? A lot of shocking and crazy things have happened in college football the past few days. Let’s visit some crazy things that have happened leading up to this week or have happened this week.

North Texas fires coach Dan McCarney after 0-5 start and a 66-7 blowout to D-II opponent Portland State (not to mention it was N.Texas’ homecoming game).

USC fires coach Steve Sarkisian after the school ordered him to take an indefinite leave of absence. Not to mention, his drinking problem didn’t help.

Legendary Florida Coach and football player and now former South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier had]s decided to retire immediately…in the middle of the current Gamecock’s season. After a 45-24 blowout by LSU, it’s a wonder why he won’t stick around to redeem himself and retire at the end of the season? The news is shocking, but an interim coach is yet to be determined by South Carolina. The “ol’ ball coach” hangs it up at the age of 70.

Now, for the shocking headline nobody saw coming: Freshman Florida QB Will Grier has been suspended for the rest of the season for taking PED’s (performance enhancing drugs) As of yet, none of Florida’s wins are at jeopardy of being taken away.

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