9/11 15 Years Later: “Have You Forgotten?”

I normally don’t get into posts off of the sports category, but today I make the exception. This is a little poem I have written for today. 15 years ago today…do you remember where you were when those Twin Towers fell? Did you know that there were “People still inside, going through a livin’ hell?”-Daryl Worley “Have You Forgotten?”  Did you believe that the world was coming to and end; were you hangin’ on to your best friend? Or were you a 9 year old child in school just like I was, not knowing what in the heck was going on until you made your journey home? I was definitely confused all the night long. I had never seen any images of planes intentionally crashing into buildings or people jumping out of buildings until that very day. As a kid you wonder “What’s going on? Why are those folks jumping from the buildings?” A lot of my friends had their parents to come and check them out early just in case terrorists tried to do anything in my state; I was a child and didn’t understand all of the terrorists’ hate. One of the things I will say, is I will never forget what happened on that very day. Let us never forget what happened 15 years ago today.

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