The Battle at Bristol: Turkey Roasting?

Yes, the Battle at Bristol now holds the record for the biggest crowd a football game has ever been played in front of with 156,990 attending. The bittersweet part for me is that I work for one of the sponsors and they did not give out any tickets except to managers. What frustrated me is that my manager went just to say he went to it…and he is a dablame Alabama fan. Now like me being frustrated, Tennessee had a frustrating start to the game by blowing off a few plays, and went down 14-0. The Hokies took control for the moment, but Tennessee would capitalize on a fumble and wind up scoring on a TD pass from Josh Dobbs to Jauan Jennings. Now down by 7, the Vols looked to make a comeback. How would they do that? Another fumble was recovered by Tennessee. Dobbs found Josh Malone for a 38 yard score to tie the game at 14 even. Tennesse would later go on to score 24 unanswered points to close out the half, leading 24-14. When play resumed, it was a turkey fry…and filled with delicious turnovers…Virginia Tech had 5 total turnovers; quite frankly, it looked like Christmas out there.  Tennessee would score 3 more times to close out the game with a 45-24 victory over the Hokies. Josh Dobbs would throw 3 TD passes and have 2 TD runs to cap off the night,and even set the record for most career rushing yards by a TN QB. No doubt this has to be one of the greatest atmospheres to play in…just too bad I couldn’t have been there to know. Turkey and gravy, anyone? Someone, please, pass the turnovers!

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