Droppin’ The Ball?

Okay, so in a few games last night, a few football players were trying to get into the endzone, but were dropping the ball before  crossing the goal line and thinking they scored. The most controversial called ones were in the Ohio State vs Oklahoma game and Texas vs Cal games respectfully. First, down 14-0, Oklahoma desperately needed a score, and miracaously, in a sigh of relief to Sooner’s fans, KR Joe Mixon returned a kickoff return 97 yards for a TD. Well, so you think. Turns out Mixon dropped the ball at the one yard line, and officials didn’t even notice the blunder…and according to this article by the Washington Post, the Fox Sports broadcasters didn’t even see the blunder either. The score should have been taken off the board with Oklahoma having the ball at the 1 yard line. The Sooners would lose 45-24.  Onto the next controversial call. It all began after Cal’s Vic Enwere (RB) bust loose for a 54 yard score. Enwere dropped the ball before crossing the plane, and Texas DB picked up the ball in the endzone in the hopes of getting the possession back to Texas.The offiacials deemed that it was “No immediate revovery” and the ball went back to Cal. Cal eventually ran the clock out to steal a 50-43 victory. For more on this call, this is a good article. A few weeks before hand, Clemson’s PR Ray-Ray McCloud returned a punt for 65 yards for a TD..or so he thought.Again, the football was dropped before he crossed the plane.  The Tigers went on to beat Troy 30-24. Last year, Utah’s Kaelin Clay (WR/KR) dropped the ball before reaching the plane, and the fumble was returned 99 yards for a TD by Oregon LB, Joe Walker. Why do players keep dropping the ball before crossing the plane? Like a tootsie pop,”The World May Never Know.”

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