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College Football Coaching Carousel 2016

It has been a crazy past couple of weeks for this year’s coaching carousel. Coach O replaces Les Miles; Tom Herman the new coach of Texas; Matt Rhule to Baylor? Who else saw these changes coming? Want to know who went were? I’ve got you covered:

LSU-Les Myles is out and coach Ed Orgeron is in. Coach “O” has had a head coaching gig at Ole Miss and also had a few coaching stints with Tennessee and USC under Lane Kiffin.

Texas-Charlie Strong is out and former Houston coach Tom Herman is in. On the day that it was projected that Tom Herman would become the next coach for Texas, Herman lost to Memphis. Herman was the Ohio State OC for a few years before taking over for Houston in 2015.

Temple-Matt Rhule is out at Temple and former Florida DC Geoff Collins has been named the head coach. Rhule was 28-23 at Temple and left for the vacant Baylor position.

Purdue-Purdue fired head coach Darrell Hazell after 6 games into the season and WR/RC coach Gerad Parker took over as interim coach. Hazell went 9-33 in his tenure. Western Ky coach Jeff Brohm took over as head coach.

Indiana-Coach Kevin Wilson is out after 6 seasons with the Hoosiers after reports alleged he mistreated players, and forced one to play with a back injury. Wilson went 26-47. DC Tom Allen was named interim coach; however, he had the interim tag removed and signed a deal with the Hoosiers.

Oregon-Mark Helfrich is out as coach after a disappointing 4-8 season with the Ducks. While with Oregon, Helfrich went 37-16 as Chip Kelly’s predecessor. The Ducks hired former Western KY and USF coach Willie Taggart as head coach. While with USF, Taggart went 24-25, and has a head coaching record of 40-45.

USF-As mentioned above, Taggart is out as coach and in is Charlie Strong after going 16-21 at Texas. Strong has a career record of 57-37 as head coach.

FAU-Charlie Partridge is out at FAU after 3 mediocre seasons that saw him go a dismal 9-27. Former Oakland Raiders, Tennessee and USC head coach and Alabama OC Lane Kiffin has replaced Partridge.

Houston-As mentioned above, Tom Herman is out and current OC Major Applewhite is in as head coach.

Western KY-As stated above, Jeff Brohm left to take over the head coaching duties of Purdue. In is former Notre Dame OC Mike Sanford.

Cincinnati-After his 4th season, coach Tommy Tuberville is out after piling up a 29-22 record; in is former Ohio State co DC/LB Luke Fickell. Fickell took over as interim coach at Ohio State when former coach Jim Tressel had to serve a suspension for “tatoogate.” During this time, Fickell went 6-7 as interim coach.

San Jose State-Ron Caragher is out and former Oregon State receivers coach Brent Brennan is in as head coach. Caragher went 19-30 in 4 seasons with the Spartans, and only had 1 winning season.

FIU-Ron Turner is out as head coach of FIU and in is former North Carolina Coach Butch Davis. Turner was fired after 4 games into the season, and posted a 10-30 record, never having a winning season.

Georgia State-Trent Miles is out at GA State and former South Carolina OC/OL/interim coach Shawn Elliot is in. Miles went 29-74 during his tenure and never posted a winning season. In his first season, Miles went a dismal 0-12. Elliot went 1-5 during his stint as interim coach…after taking over for former coach Steve Spurrier.

Fresno State-Tim DeRuyter is out and Jeff Tedford is in. DeRuyter went 30-30 in his 5 years with the program. DeRuyter was fired on October 23 after a 1-7 start. Tedford last coached for Cal in 2012 and has a career record of 82-57.

Nevada- Brian Polian is out as head coach and Jay Norvell is in. Polian went 23-27 in 4 seasons with the Wolf Pack, and had only 2 winning seasons. Norvell has been WR’s and TE’s coach in the NFL with the Colts and Raiders respectively, and has had several career stints as receivers coach and OC.

UConn-It was just announced that UConn Huskies coach Bob Diaco was fired after going 11-26 in 3 seasons with the Huskies.




Droppin’ The Ball?

Okay, so in a few games last night, a few football players were trying to get into the endzone, but were dropping the ball before  crossing the goal line and thinking they scored. The most controversial called ones were in the Ohio State vs Oklahoma game and Texas vs Cal games respectfully. First, down 14-0, Oklahoma desperately needed a score, and miracaously, in a sigh of relief to Sooner’s fans, KR Joe Mixon returned a kickoff return 97 yards for a TD. Well, so you think. Turns out Mixon dropped the ball at the one yard line, and officials didn’t even notice the blunder…and according to this article by the Washington Post, the Fox Sports broadcasters didn’t even see the blunder either. The score should have been taken off the board with Oklahoma having the ball at the 1 yard line. The Sooners would lose 45-24.  Onto the next controversial call. It all began after Cal’s Vic Enwere (RB) bust loose for a 54 yard score. Enwere dropped the ball before crossing the plane, and Texas DB picked up the ball in the endzone in the hopes of getting the possession back to Texas.The offiacials deemed that it was “No immediate revovery” and the ball went back to Cal. Cal eventually ran the clock out to steal a 50-43 victory. For more on this call, this is a good article. A few weeks before hand, Clemson’s PR Ray-Ray McCloud returned a punt for 65 yards for a TD..or so he thought.Again, the football was dropped before he crossed the plane.  The Tigers went on to beat Troy 30-24. Last year, Utah’s Kaelin Clay (WR/KR) dropped the ball before reaching the plane, and the fumble was returned 99 yards for a TD by Oregon LB, Joe Walker. Why do players keep dropping the ball before crossing the plane? Like a tootsie pop,”The World May Never Know.”